Mario Lombardo

The design for the Never Again exhibition fuses different aspects of propaganda, from strictly political to artistic statements, in order to increase awareness of current affairs. The work pretends to be simple and fast to consume but is drenched in populist manipulation, quotes and glamorous lies with references from advertising to art.

The corporate design consists of three elements: Colour, Typeface, and Illustration. Soaked in blood red, black, and a washed-out off-white, the colour element gives an at first raw impression. The custom-made typeface—the Never Poster Grotesque—is inspired by fonts used for both Soviet and Nazi posters from the 1920s to the 1940s. The third element is an iPad illustration based on Pablo Picasso’s perspective on society, starting with his cubism period.

The two guiding images of the Never Again campaign are Mario Lombardo’s interpretation of two iconic art pieces by Picasso. The Dove of Peace is turned into a bird falling from the sky, and the face of the woman in the artwork The Dream is divided, symbolising a torn family separated by the blast. For his visual translation, Mario Lombardo was inspired by the polish version of Picasso’s Guernica, which is part of this exhibition.

Mario Lombardo (born 1972, in Rosario, Argentina) is a graphic designer. His studio, BUREAU Mario Lombardo, designs print media and develops layouts and typography for museums, music and fashion labels. He created the look of various magazines, such as Numero Homme Berlin, Spex, Liebling, and Sleek, as well as being responsible for the overall visual identity of the 7th Berlin Biennale. He is also the founder and artistic director of the luxury perfume house Atl Oblique. He lives and works in Berlin.

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