Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Maxwella Itoyi

The Society of Friends of Maxwell Itoya was founded in November 2018 as a result of a meeting between its members and the Society of Friends of Halit (Halit Yozgat was an internet café employee murdered in Kassel by neo-Nazis in 2006, whose murder was investigated by Forensic Architecture, presented in this exhibition) and the Society of Friends of Pavlos Fyssas (a Greek rapper killed by an Athenian member of the extreme right party Golden Dawn). Akin to its Greek and German allies, the Warsaw Society of Friends of Maxwell Itoya seeks to combat institutional manifestations of racism, drawing attention to the role of the state apparatus in concealing crimes against immigrants, and to commemorate Itoya, a Nigerian textile trader shot by the police in the vicinity of the Tenth Anniversary Stadium on 23 May 2010. Two years after the tragic event, the regional prosecutor’s office discontinued the investigation into misconduct by the police officer who fired the deadly shot at Itoya, due to lack of evidence that a crime was committed. In the exhibition Never Again! the Society of Friends of Maxwell Itoya presents the documentation of their independent investigation in the case. The work is dedicated to the Radical Solidarity Action and Syrena collectives as well as lawyers and journalists with the courage to speak out in public.

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